Heya! I don’t want to tell you my real name, because that is top secret information! But you can call me Jade, for now. I’m a teen who has an avid love of books. I read about a million a day, and have a horrible sense of humor. The books I post on my site are the ones that I have previously read and enjoyed. I have written these reviews myself, so I would appreciate if you do not copy them for any reason! Feel free to refer friends who need a good book to read to my site! If you feel that there is a book I should read and put on my page, feel free to contact me and tell me the name of the book! I am always looking for more books to read! If you want personalized recommendations, contact me with your interests, and I can make sure to match you up with some books that you are bound to enjoy!

But, on the other hand, not related to books, I am completely obsessed with Vampire Diaries. I sooo ship Damon and Elena. I also like The Flash. Why do I like all the CW shows? Grant Gustin and Ian Somerhalder tho… ;P